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Media Criticism

Post Title Media Title Media Type Date Published
An Adult's Youth: A Merry Checker Review Merry Checker by Suzuki Tsuta manga [1 vol] 2019-11-15
Boyfriend from Hell: A Konya mo Nemurenai Review Konya mo Nemurenai by Yamamoto Kotetsuko manga [3 vols] 2019-11-20
Hittin' on Dudes Hard: A Porno Superstar Review Porno Superstar by Nanami manga [1 vol] 2020-02-09
Bells Toll For My Youth: A sweet pool Review sweet pool, published by Nitro+Chiral game 2020-03-15
BL Poetics: Eros in the Stoic Eros in the Stoic by Yoneda Kou manga [oneshot] 2020-04-22
When Togainu no Chi Reigned Supreme Togainu no Chi -Lost Blood-, published by Nitro+Chiral game 2020-05-09
Don't Call Me Master! or I Hope This Doesn't Awaken Anything in Me Don't Call Me Master! by Nangoku Banana manga [oneshot] 2020-05-13

Genre & Fandom Commentary

Title Date Published
Non-Consent and Dubious Consent in Boys' Love 2019-12-11
On Veteran Fan Posturing & Its Effects 2020-05-09