welcome to shio-tan blogs

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy whatever it is I have going on.

On the off chance anyone is here from my WordPress days, just know that I've decided to embrace the freedom of coding myself (using templates ಠ‿↼) and commenting on more than just BL-related media… eventually, at least. I'm still proud of some of my old posts, so I'm slowly converting them into Neocities-friendly HTML for the BL+ section. It's not exactly difficult, I'm just being lazy as hell about it.

Consider this site an open construction zone everywhere until further notice. If you are so inclined, let me know if you spot any glaring issues (e.g., broken links, completely jank code, missing alt text) via Neocities or email.

xoxo Shio

P.S. My blog name + online alias is explained in the first of my original posts.

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