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There was no way I could produce all this raw ass code by myself. If you like anything you see here, these are the people/resources that come to mind as helping me the most in one way or another. When I get around to it, I'll get listing (in earnest) all the the sites that I love/envy, as they've no doubt given me general inspo worth crediting. Where pages deviate from using the base CSS, I've opted to add custom credits pages to keep things easier to parse.


Honorable mention to MySpace and Tumblr templates, plus anyone who contributed to all the random forums, blogs, and sites that have taught me the limited amount I do know about HTML and CSS. I'd thank the For Dummies books that I recently checked out from the library if I didn't have to stop reading once they informed me just how outdated my markup actually is/was. I was still using XHTML, y'all...