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Title screen for the Japanese version of Togainu no Chi with the 'Ah shit, here we go again' GTA San Andreas meme.

This "hub" for Togainu no Chi has been created to house my old When Togainu no Chi Reigned Supreme post, originally published on May 9, 2020 to WordPress, as well as my forthcoming review. It's been literal years now, but I still have to finish the final route in the game before I can review it. I promise to get to it eventually. The opening remarks to the aforementioned old post can be found below with slight additions.

hub last updated: April 23, 2022

meditations // plot summary (maybe forthcoming idk) // analysis & review (forthcoming) // credits

I gotta stop making assumptions about what kind of reaction I’m going to have to BL games with which I have any kind of history, especially if Nitroplus is behind it.

To cut to the chase: yes, despite preemptively writing it off at the end of my sweet pool review, I regret to inform you that I have thoughts about Togainu no Chi. And you know what that means--my review is probably going to be way longer than necessary and take forever to write.

First, though, I need somewhere to dump all my dumb nostalgia related to being a clandestinely underage fujoshi 10+ years ago when TnC was still reigning supreme in BL fan communities. It was fine to include all that stuff when talking about sweet pool because themes of growing up and self-reflection are integral to the story in that game, but these things would more get in the way of what I want to talk about in TnC.

After my temporary aside at the start here, expect the usual fare. Once again, I recommend taking a gander at 4shiki’s review before mine because it is totally iconic. Sadly, I had to dig in the Wayback Machine to procure the link. :(

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