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Color illustration of Endo, Hiriki, and Mark for Volume 2, Chapter 7 of Konya mo Nemurenai.
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This hub for Konya mo Nemurenai has been adapted from my original Boyfriend From Hell post, which was published on November 20, 2019 to WordPress. My opening remarks have been preserved below and the plot summary section has been isolated from my analysis and review for the benefit of readers already familiar with the story.

hub last updated: October 2, 2022

We gather on my blog today to honor Endo Guar Adroone from Konya mo Nemurenai [Another Sleepless Night]. All hail the one true Short King of my yaoiverse!

It seems appropriate to move on from gushing about my favorite uke to talking about a story which features a seme that I love dearly, even if he isn't my all-time fav. Don't expect my feelings of affection to ecstatically overflow like before, though, because what I feel for Endo is something more akin to how two really macho guys respect one another.

Like with Shio, there are elements of Endo's personality that I find super relatable, but our similarities are things that make it difficult for me to fantasize about him in a romantic way for extended periods of time.

Konya mo Nemurenai is my favorite BL manga periodt. It came into my life during college, when I was much more disconnected from the BL world, reading manga that were new to me maybe once every six months or so. I loved this manga so much that I binged most of Yamamoto-sensei's work in one night, with the exception of Koi wa Go Go! and Mankai Darling, which I had already read.

As a result, my reigning queen, Tsuta-sensi, had to make space for a co-owner of the title Shio's favorite mangaka. My favorite BL manga before this was something by Tsuta-sensei, but memory of what that was has been completely wiped from my mind… maybe Akanai Tobira?

This series is a bit longer than Merry Checker, clocking in at three volumes (not counting the sequel), so we have a bit more ground to cover when it comes to plot. I'd love to continue to provide more unnecessary backstory, but everything I instinctually feel like talking about here is getting bumped to my review section.

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