A landing page for all of the BL-related posts that I've converted from WordPress mess to basic HTML for Neocities. The post transfer work is very much still a work in progress, so you can check here periodically for new stuff. I do want to call out that I've basically stolen this page design from Cyberspace Girlfriend, one of my moots. (Code base is somewhat different tho.) You are now compelled to visit her site.

I'm thinking of eventually retiring this page and splitting its content across more format-based landing pages (e.g., manga.html, games.html, dramas.html, etc.), but it'll be good to keep this up in the meantime while I settle my new sitemap situation. This fujoshit is the bulk of my uploaded content right now, so it'd be a shame to have it otherwise inaccessible. As always, let me know your thoughts!

xoxo Shio

Stand-alone Reviews

Merry Checker by Suzuki Tsuta
Konya mo Nemurenai by Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Porno Superstar by Nanami
sweet pool
Eros in the Stoic by Yoneda Kou
Togainu no Chi
Don't Call Me Master by Nangoku Banana

Compilation Posts

Someone Take BaseBall Yaoi Away From Me
The Bewildering & Beautiful Oneshots of Hana

Fandom & Commentary

On Being Fujoshi Trash in 2019
Non-Consent & Dubious Consent in Boys' Love
On Veteran Fan Posturing & Its Effects