• Re-published original On Being Fujoshi Trash in 2019 post here


  • Re-published original The Bewildering and Beautiful Oneshots of Hana post here with some minor edits and additions to simple.css to accomodate formatting
  • Attempted to implement a simple JavaScript carousel for the baseball yaoi post to no avail
  • Updated bl.html with new section and links for the two recently re-published posts
  • Added additional meta tags to new post headers for better link previews when sharing on social media


  • Re-published original Someone Take Baseball Yaoi Away From Me post here


  • Uploaded credits.css and applied it to credits.html
  • Resized BL features images to be 150 x 150 pixels to reduce load time of bl.html
  • Changed the feature image for Konya mo Nemurenai review


  • Uploaded trackers.css (based on cbgf's shows shrine) and applied it to bl.html
  • Slightly modified the nav and footer elements in base2.css
  • Re-added basic navigation to index.html and introductory text to bl.html


  • Edited changelog.css to be more mobile compatible
  • Removed shortcut style navigation from changelog.html in favor of a simple window and button navigation
  • Applied base2.css to credits.html in the same manner as about.html


  • Edited redirect.css to be more mobile compatible
  • Created alternative cowprint backgrounds for base2.css
  • Applied base2.css to about.html; removed photo and Google form from about.html (maybe temporarily idk)
  • Recovered numero class and applied font Mr. Pixel to hitcount class in base2.css
  • Uploaded and prepared stylesheets for a bunch of cool custom VTF fonts


  • Updated posts using base.css to simple.css
  • Modified hub.css and derivatives to be more mobile compatible


  • Decided to retire base.css and re-imagine sitemap
  • Created base2.css [from this template] and cowprint background to apply to index.html
  • Moved custom fonts out of css subfolder into their own folder
  • Modified simple.css to be more mobile compatible


  • Updated the color palette of base.css to be a bit "softer" (third time's a charm?)


  • Made the box div situation a little better looking for screens smaller than 864px wide on pages using base.css
  • Changed the size of pic div back to 250px wide from 17vw in base.css
  • Created the info class in base.css


  • Changed a:link and a:hover color properties in the footer tag in base.css
  • Removed superfluous code in simple.css


  • Added custom fonts to my CSS folder for experimentation and use later
  • Replaced header font Press Start 2P with FT88 variants in base.css
  • Created retro-scroll.css to isolate the rather large amount of css for my 98.css scrollbar usage on pages using base.css


  • Created new stylesheet called simple.css that is... a bit more simple than base.css
  • Re-published original "Non-Con and Dubcon in BL" blog post here using simple.css


  • Tweaked the width of the box-noscroll div for most blog posts using the content hub format
  • Changed sidebar a:link and a:hover appearence, as well as font display in the paragraph and ul tags for changelog.css
  • Removed superfluous code from changelog.css


  • Added Porno Superstar blog post to the BL+ landing page
  • Finished tweaking custom CSS for Porno Superstar blog post
  • Modified blockquote tag and created another border class for divs in base.css
  • Minorly edited content and appearence of my about page


  • Re-published original Porno Superstar blog post here


  • Styled the blockquote tag, details tag, visited link appearence for base.css
  • Re-styled link hover appearence for base.css
  • Re-published original Don't Call Me Master! blog post here
  • Finally published content to my about page, including an old contact form used with the WordPress-hosted version of my blog


  • Updated Merry Checker blog posts's style.css to look like less of an eyesore on mobile (edits are based on changelog.css)


  • Changed color palette of the top-level design, and added a background image
  • Updated BL landing page with most recently published content


  • Re-published oringial Togainu no Chi meditations blog post here
  • Separated section about "veteran fan posturing" from old Togainu no Chi blog post and re-published it here
  • Re-published original Eros in the Stoic blog post here
  • Removed duplicate image uploads and re-linked all uses of those images to the top-most level upload location
  • Standardized navigation information for content using "hub" pages


  • Edited and re-published original Konya mo Nemurenai blog post here
  • Fixed image breaching the contraints of its div on the 404 page
  • Added navigation tags where they were lacking on pages without the top-level design


  • Updated 404 page using EGGRAMEN's "Simple" theme
  • Added Vincent Vega meme to body content of 404 page
  • Created changelog.html, and adapted 98.css for its use

2022-04-20 🔥

  • Altered width constraints for sidebar and main content areas of the top-level design for better mobile compatibility
  • Removed JavaScript-powered navigation and replaced it with a simpler HTML/CSS navigation
  • Deleted navigation subcategories
  • Reformatted About.html to about.html and BL+.html to bl.html
  • Deleted Log.html, Shrines.html, and Other.html for lack of immediate content to populate there


  • Edited and re-published original sweet pool blog post here

2022-03-25 (ish)

  • Fixed div errors on 404 page
  • Created temporary landing pages for all content that will be transferred from WordPress to resolve Google Search Console errors
  • Downloaded EGGRAMEN's "Simple" theme for use on the new landing pages


  • Edited and re-published original Merry Checker blog post here


  • Adapted XP.css for use with my first blog post transfer

2022-02-16 🎂

  • Created About.html, Log.html, Shrines.html, BL+.html, Other.html, and credits.html, mostly in accordance with a hastily-constructed JavaScript navigation
  • Completed first iteration of the site's top-level page design in style.css
  • Downloaded select Windows 98 icons from Alex Meub's Windows 98 Icon Viewer for site page icons



  • Minorly edited style.css with limited success or satisfaction
  • Rage quit site customization
  • Temporarily abandonned plans to transfer pre-existing content from WordPress, leaving all Neocities defaults in place
  • Checked out HTML, XHTML, & CSS All-in-One For Dummies®, 2nd Edition e-Book from institutional ProQuest account


  • Created Neocities account
  • Became a Neocities supporter