Meet Your Blogger

Pseudonym: Shio-tan or Shio (see here)

Age: late 20s

Location: East Coast, USA

Interests: weeb shit (esp boys' love), regency and other historic romance novels, period dramas, girl gaming (*ironic usage*), front-end web design, and over-intellectualizing anything and everything

Likes: solitude, shit talking, retro tech, kitsch, being funemployed

Dislikes: weird sauces, capitalism, leaving the house, having my picture taken, etc. etc. etc.

Heya, you can call me Shio. This blog was originally conceived as place for me to dump my many, many thoughts about BL/yaoi and its Western fandom as a bit of a young veteran in fujo spaces. While the subject matter here may still lean heavily in that direction, I did want to open myself up to commentary on other kinds of media, plus give myself the chance to do some personal blogging that might be inappropriate or otherwise uncomfortable on social media or a webiste on which I am fully-identifiable in 2022.

Please note that I use a pseudonym on this site to keep a small degree of separation between when I talk about nsfw and nsfw-adjacent media here and my life IRL (read: professional life). I don't particularly care if you find out my "real" identity, since it really can't be that hard to figure out, but I'm kind of in love with the bygone era of anonymity online, so imma keep it in character regardless.

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